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   Name : Hyun Hit : 2506    Date : 2010/07/08
   Attach : KM_20n.rtf (433 KB)
We are supplying the Paint Thickener KM-20N which is our patent Brand Name from 2004.march.
Our KM-20 Cellulose thickeners
have been a necessary part of the paint formulator's
arsenal since the introduction of latex binders. Without a thickener to give it body a latex paint formulation is too thin and watery to act as wall coating. The thickening agent give the formulation enough viscosity to resist running and overspreading.
*We minimizing the amount of sodium to a carboxy group attached
Hydroxyl prophyl ,to be minimizing the anion nature
*It has good solubility and transparency then HEC type.
*It has good stability to thre Acid, Alkali Then HEC type.
*It is a product solving the stability of the solubility of the existing drawbacks of SCMC and transparency, acid / alkali.
Therefore, there is no falling entirely from existing HEC and performance has been assessed as rather a better solubility and transparency.
It has strong with acid/alkali also has storage ability more good then HEC

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