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   Name : hyun Hit : 1326    Date : 2015/12/11
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This item is the kinds of wsabi microcapsulatd .that are extract from the wasabi
which is plant(horseradish)
This wasabi,Oil has strong hot taste with sterilization power,and
Great odor removing power etc
1. Characteristic:
* It has the strongest Bactericidal effect.deodorizing effect then any other natural
or chemicals.It has 100ties strong then the Phenol which is the Chemical disinfectant etc.
Moreover, is used for purpose is various such as harmless eco-friendly sterilization, eodorization in human body.
*. Offensive odor molecule aerially dissolution.
*. II has much material called SOD that break down active oxygen to wasabi.
**Effect as edibility(Oil), Effect about mold, virus, Antibiosis Clause mold,
Offensive odor exclusion Aromaterapihy.etc.
2. Physical Properties.
- Appearance : White Liquid
- Classification: Antibiotic Perfume Microcapsule Odor removal.Anti Mold.
- pH:6,5 - 8.5 Viscosity(25℃) : 450~650 ±5 CPS
- Specific gravity:1.0 - 1.03 Non-Volatile Matter: 30 ± 1.5
- Mean Particle Size: 2 -3 ㎛: Capsule Wall Type : Melamine
- NON Harmful Alcohol : Not Used Flammable: No
3.Uses & Advantage (Application field)
Textile,Paint,Ink,Paper,Leather,Plastic ,Consumer with daily life item

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