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New Type Oil remover and Oil absorbant
   Name : hyun Hit : 1432    Date : 2010/12/04
   Attach : Effective_Way_to_Remove_Oil_Spills.docx (265 KB)
This Oil remover is a micro-processed porous inorganic substance
made by natural mineral heated at over 1000c and expanded.
Specific gravity is a physical property of 0.05~0.1.
Stirring Pearlite Oil remover with seawater and spraying
it with high-pressured fire pump.
 Spraying within a 50m radius is capable.
 This Pearlite Oil absorbs oil spill selectively floating on the surface of water since its specific gravity is less than 0.1.
 Preventing oil diffusion with sticking properties forming large cluster.
 Solving existing problem regarding residual styrofoam by using This Pearlite
Oil removeras an oil fence
*This is the Eco Friendly and can Recycling

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