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Multiuse cleaner Nano Fabrics.
   Name : hyun Hit : 1399    Date : 2006/08/22
   Attach : multiuse_cleaner_coat.(E).doc (61 KB)
This Multiuse cleaner Nano fabrics can use very widely with recyling use.It can use for Autocar coating,leather, Furniture,
sofa,Office goods, Electronics etc.

No Title Attach Name Date Hit
14  Flame retardent NW-100 Hyun2011-01-131370
13  New Type Oil remover and Oil absorbant hyun2010-12-041283
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5  Flame Retarder(FR-WSY) hyun2006-08-221624
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2  Multiuse cleaner Nano Fabrics. hyun2006-08-221399
1  Industrial Chemicals 2006-06-101503
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