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9   2013-08-14293
8  Fixing agent(Series) 包府磊2006-06-14381
7  Fine Texctile Chem(Colour Increase agent) 包府磊2006-06-14384
6  Fine Texctile Chem(Polycotton-3000) 包府磊2006-06-14377
5  Antibacteria(Anti ODOR) 包府磊2006-06-14216
4  Light Catalyst 包府磊2006-06-14211
3  Fine Textile Chem(Nano silver for Fabrics) 包府磊2006-06-14223
2  Fine textile Chem(Silver Vitamin) 包府磊2006-06-14218
1  Fine textile Chem(water Repellant-400s) 包府磊2006-06-14219
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