PCM materials
   Name : Hyun Hit : 670    Date : 2017/11/12
Application of PCM For Textile
• General wear, underwear, T-shirt,
• Outwears - mountain cloth, leisure, glove, socks,suit
• Professional sporting wears - skiwear, cyclewear
• Military goods : military uniform, tent, booth
• Bed clothes: bedspread, pillow
• Hat, cosmetic mask pack
• Cool fabrics in summer
• Warm fabrics in winter
• Quicker dry speed than normal by20%.
Every textile goods
With post-finishing process and PCM fibers you can make any kinds of PCM smart fabrics such as polyester, nylon, cotton, wool, etc without any changes in handfeeling, color, etc.
Both methods can provide same PCM functions without any changes in fabrics.

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