Clean Stick(pen)
   Name : hyun Hit : 2008    Date : 2013/04/11
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This is the the Portable stick for Removal the stain of the
Cloth like Coffee,food, cocktail drink stain,light cosmetic,ketchup and food sports etc.
It can use widely to make clean immedetely in the restaurant or coffe house,
Convenient facilities etc.
In case The coffe pour to the Shirt,T-shorts,Necktie,cloth etc In the Restaurant etc,
It need remove the stain of this dirty spot by water and others etc.
For this reason,We developed this Clean stick to remove very quickly with simply.
But If has very dirty stain, It will do pretreatment Before put into washing M/C etc.
Also If pretreat like this on the Shirts etc,It will easy to remove on the main
washing process.It can use very simple to remove the stain of the shitrs,cloth,unifoam,
nectie etc by scratching of this with tissue.

It is the portable in the pocket.
It is to remove the stain easily.
It is well doing with the water,It menas
If use the water tissue together with this pen,It cangood effect to remove),
It Uses material that is harmless in human body.
It will more effect with pretreatment the heavy dirty by using of ths stic,
It can wash more easy then not use of this pen.
It Is very compeient with competive price..

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