Antimosquito,antibio,Insecr repellant,Odor remove etc
   Name : Hyun( Hit : 7383    Date : 2016/04/02
Dear Sirs.
We Developed the & exporting for foreign maket for the Antimosquito,antibio,Insect Repellant,Antimicrobials,Odor remove etc Most of this kinds item are the Microcapsuleized item.
We Hope shortly explaine of this. Our comapny working this line of Bnss From 1994. Nov.
Our item
Antimosquito section
1. Citronella(Our Microcapsuled itrem Name: Aromos -R.)
2. Cubeba( Our Capsule item name: Aroma Microcapsule Cubeba) Similar smell of lemon.
3. IR 3535( Or capsuled item Aromos-IR)
Insect repellents section
1. Cinamon(Our Capsuled item Aroma microcapsule Cinamon)
2. wasabi( Our Item name: Wasab Microcapsule N)
Antimicrobials section:
This Wasap Microcapsule is strong for this line.
We hope to comunicate for this kinds item for foreign Buyer
Best Regards
Ja-hee Hyun/president.