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40  Sublimation Crayon.Poster color application fi Hyun2014-05-232046
39  Developed the Sublimation TRansper pen,Crayon, hyun2014-02-132127
38  Aroma Stick hyun2013-02-222412
37  Eco Flame Retardent NW-100 hyun2011-01-133111
36  Multiuse Cleaner Nano fabrics hyun2006-08-223104
35  Polyurethane resin 包府磊2006-06-103932
34  TSP Binder(E) 包府磊2006-06-103093
33  SP Binder(K) 包府磊2006-06-103785
32  Fine textile Chem(silver Vitamin) 包府磊2006-06-103089
31  Fine textile chem( Fixing agent) 包府磊2006-06-103127
30  Fine textile Chem(Antibacteria) 包府磊2006-06-102996
29  Fine textile Chem(ligh catalyst) 包府磊2006-06-103031
28  Fine Textile Chem( Water Repellant) 包府磊2006-06-103027
27  Functional Mika. 包府磊2006-06-103109
26  Fine ceramic application. 包府磊2006-06-103076
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